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The start of the specs can be found below or in source control under the solution folder. There is no meaningful code checked in yet. The solution that is out there is a VS2010 solution. It uses .NET 3.5 with Silverlight 4.


notes from the 4/15 meeting with Bill Bradshaw, Charles Lucas, and Doug ????.

summer camp programs for kids age 2nd - 6th grade. Two programs:

1. the Moon program for those moving up to 2nd and 3rd grade and
2. the Mars program for those moving up to 4th - 6th grade

target kick off is 7 June. Each program runs for one week.

the programs have a series of activities. They might have two per day. For example, the kids may complete a simulated EVA and slide under a table on a gurney and lubricate some simulated piece of a space station or vehicle using a lub gun. Or they might be suspended to simulate weightlessness and be asked to unscrew a panel and fix something inside. For each activity, there is a learning process, which our product supplies. It consists of a series of slides. At the end of the presentation may be a quiz with multiple choice questions (which could include single choices or actual multiple correct answers). Based on the kids' answers, we take them to the next slide or possibly to a remedial training slide to review the material again.

it would be cool to store results in an aggregated form. Kids will not log in so we won't have individual identification.

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